Public Relations Reputation

Hello, I’m Ella!

Reputation I agree, is key. As its when people form pre-conceived opinions about you, or in this case your company/person.

I’ve always understood that my reputation has been that I am a fun and adventurous one, always going the extra mile to aim to do something or make the scenario better. I think, fortunately, i’ve gained this from growing up in a large family that always did unusual things. My reputation is part owed to my mother, and three brothers. We would always go on long holidays for months at a time and come back with some crazy interesting stories. So when I finally reached the age of being able to do things on my own, I would always entice and advise my friends to join me, or do something similar. Lots of people grew up not understanding that you don’t have to have thousands of pounds to do the smallest of things and I enjoy sharing my tips on living life to the full.

I aim to maintain this by not getting dragged down too much by the negativity in the world, and always exploring looking for new ideas/ways of doing things. I have very inspirational people in my life that motivate me to always read, write and look forward to the good things.

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