My Reputation

Some experts describe PR as “Reputation Management”. Please tell us what you have a reputation for being good at, (for example writing, singing, being a good friend). 

I’ve recently developed the reputation of being quite “international”, having just moved from Tanzania – my previous home of seven years. Having went to an international school I have had so many great opportunities to travel the world, meet so many people and experience different cultures.

  • How have you gained this reputation? 

I’m quite open about where I’ve been because I see Tanzania as home now, so it’s what I speak about and make references to most of the time. I like telling people about Tanzania because I want to break the stereotype in people’s minds of what living in “Africa” is like. Yes, the things on the news exist and there are some truth to the stereotypes in some parts of it; but that’s not what Africa is like all across the continent.

  • How do you maintain this reputation?

I maintain it by being proud of where I come from and humble of where my heart is as home. I’m insistent on not letting my use of the Swahili language integrated into my vocabulary fade away and me adopting a new English vernacular, so I’m basically forcing my friends to start learning bits of Dar’s local language so that I can keep them in my daily vocabulary. I’m also very open to being mobile with work in the future, as I’d love to continue moving to and experiencing different parts of the world.

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