Reputation Management – Optimism – Andrew

My name is Andrew and I was born in Edmonton, Canada. My family is Russian and I was raised in Zurich, Switzerland. I have a wide variety of hobbies including film (watching and creating), photography, city exploration, entrepreneurship, gardening, listening to music, writing, reading, food, cooking, travelling and many more!

I have a reputation for being optimistic which continues to and always has helped me as I was growing up. I realised that being optimistic in any situation can create the best outcome for myself and people around me, as optimism is infectious. Being optimistic means breaking out of a sulk trap, pessimism, and stepping on a higher plane of happiness and clear mindedness, resulting in moving forward and growth.

Sitting around fantasising about “what-if’s”, complaining and being negative drives people away and limits the growth of a person, whereas someone who makes the what-if’s come true, tries to find humour wherever they can and is generally positive will live fulfilling and will attract people to the shining positivity.

My friends have all described me to be optimistic. I try and maintain my optimism by reminding myself of the times when it has helped me. I never let myself become pessimistic and my friends can see that. That’s one constant adjective they have used to describe me in all of our years of friendship and it has become a reputation I am proud of.

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