My name is Tom and I’m studying Public Relations at the London College of Communication.

A reputation is a label attached to you once others around you notice something you do frequently, be that positive or negative. A good reputation is hard to earn and easy to lose, whereas a bad reputation is harder to shake.

I pride myself in having a good reputation in handling, selling, and buying limited fashion product for resale on open market. I gained this reputation from years of selling produce without having an problems and building up a solid base of people that trust me to handle their business. The problems I have had, I’ve addressed in a quickly and in a professional manner which has contributed to the positive reputation I hold now. People know they can trust me to handle large sums of money or designer clothing.

The key to upholding a reputation, and not specifically mine, is to continue to do whatever it is you have a reputation for and uphold high standards. Personally, I always treat other people’s product how I would want someone else to handle mine, with care and respect. Good communication and responding to a customer quickly is also vital as it makes transactions more personal.

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