How I Feel About Writing

I fell in love with writing when I took my first Journalism course in Upper School. Every week I had to write an article in different styles. My favourite styles were “News” and “Feature” because one was clear and concise and the other filled with moderate detail and passion, respectively. My teacher was enthusiastic about Journalism and that helped me excel at it. Out of all my courses in school, this one has helped me the most in life. Using the skills I learned, I got a position writing for a personal finance blog.


Every Thursday at school I would meet with the creative writing club where we were given writing prompts and sharing opportunities. Anyone who shared always received constructive criticism. I always sacrificed my lunch for this club because I was so passionate about it.


I took a University level “English Language and Composition” course where I was not fond of writing. I had to follow a dull essay structure, responding to tired essay questions mostly about American presidents. I never did well on these assignments because everything had to be written up under extreme time limits and the topics were dreading.


That course gave me the fear of having to write essays about topics I have never heard about. It’s always a benefit to be given an essay question where I have background knowledge because it allows me to build up on more points. Essay graders need to read about new and exciting information since they read hundreds of essays on the same question. Standing out can impress them and earn a higher mark.


Writing is the most fun with total freedom. This is why I have always enjoyed free verse poetry and writing short stories outside of class time. Choosing a setting, creating characters, putting a story on paper and sharing it with friends and family and seeing them enjoy it feels rewarding. It’s not a piece which is a response to a question which hundreds of other students wrote about. It’s unique and novel authors do it. I read novels because I want to immerse myself in another world. Fiction is my favourite. This is why I love to write according to my rules.

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